In the misty beyond

A dark and quiet evening

It is the first time they have met

“I’ve met you before,” she says

And his distant eyes betray

That she has spoken his unspoken feelings

Never having met before

Never having seen each other

They know that they know each other


Beneath her vivacity

And his reserve

There lies a bond that links them

Not through this world

Not through their feelings in the now

But somewhere in the misty beyond

Amid the darkness

And the silence

There is a little light

Which makes each of them ask

“Do I know you?”


Perhaps they would never meet again

Perhaps they would meet again but to part forever

Perhaps they would reclaim what was once lost in eternity

The paths are crossing

The turns are many

A familiar stranger may catch one’s eye

Lingering in the memory like a loved one lost


A spiritual path is what they share

And a faint little voice within them says

“Painful partings

Mysterious reunions

Silent embraces

Such is the wayfarer’s journey in the desert

May Allah show you two the straight path

And not the path of those who have who have strayed…”

~ by tdcatss on January 22, 2011.

4 Responses to “In the misty beyond”

  1. I so enjoy your thoughtful posts. Our traditions share an ancient wisdom, each tradition voicing it in a unique way.

    Just now, the sun rose over the hill, illuminating the snow covered world.


  2. Very good! I loved the context and how you use some repetition to pull the reader along and into the poem itself. Lovely. Thank you for blessing us! :)

  3. Thank you Michael and Debbie. This poem is based on two of my experiences with two different persons, with some poetic licence. I feel that with some people, there is a reason we meet them, and that Providence acts in mysterious ways to make our lives intermingle. One may not always understand the mechanism behind it. There is something mysterious about it which I tried to convey while writing this poem.

    I feel that I was certainly meant to meet some people that I have met in my life. What do you think?

    “Just now, the sun rose over the hill, illuminating the snow covered world.”

    – Very nice, Michael! Reminds me of a haiku poem.

  4. I agree that there are reasons for everything in our life and for the people that we meet. There is a bible verse that says (roughly) that God works everything for good in the lives of those who love Him. We just might not see how at times! :)

    Liked that poetic line of Michael’s too!

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