The scent of my friends


hansi khanakti hui

aur bujhi bujhi khushiyaan

hain dosti ki mehak se

rachi hui ghadiyaan

maza anokha sa hai

aate jaate lamhon mein

kitaabein gode mein phaili

hain khoye baaton mein

rafaaqaton mein khazaana

jo hamne paaya hai

na dil pe bojh hai koi

na gham ka saaya hai…


humein ye ghun hai ki

khushbu ko hum to dekhenge

yaqeen hai ki

sitaaron ko badh ke chhu lenge

khula ye raaz

bichhadna hi tha bahaaron ko

kisi ke haath nahi

chhu sake sitaaron ko…


kabhi dareechon mein shamme

jo hum jalaate hain

to geet lehje khayaalon mein gungunaate hain


– Hasan Akbar Kamal



gentle sounds of laughter

dull flames of joy

moments flow in time

woven with the scent of my friends

a strange pleasure lives

in these ephemeral moments

with books open in our laps

we sat absorbed in conversation

such was the treasure we found

in that time of companionship

a time without a burden on the heart

a time without a shadow of sorrow…


an insistence

to see that scent with our eyes

a conviction

to step forth and touch the stars

such were the hopes we lived by

the truth was soon unveiled

separation was our destiny

no human hands could ever touch the stars…


at times, when I light a lamp in my window

my thoughts sing of those times gone by


Sung by Nayyara Noor for the TV series ‘Dhoop Kinare’ –

~ by tdcatss on August 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “The scent of my friends”

  1. You share the most beautiful things with us! Thank you! I wish I could write in a way to capture the emotions like this does! :)

  2. Beautiful translation!

  3. thanks debbie :) I wish I could write too… instead of just translating !

    thanks prommila.. I don’t feel happy with the second half of the translation… the original is too Urdu-ish… those images and feelings don’t come across well in English… maybe I’ll try some other day..

    but nayyara noor surely translates this into a song very very well :)

  4. Nice translation :) Infact I love this song and Nayyara Noor too… so do her songs… :)

  5. thanks! i love nayyara noor as well… her rendition of raat yun dil mein is unforgettable… and also aaj baazaar mein pabajaulaan chalo…

  6. My story is different when i listen this theme music and all songs, we visiting our relatives in Hyderabad(India), one of relative has collection of drama and they showed us Dhoop Kinary(though i was quite a child at that moment). this is a time less piece of art

  7. i agree shakir, dhoop kinare is really beautiful. wonderful dialogue, really nice characters and story, touching music. it helped me feel at home when i spent a year in england. even now, when i think of it, i have a fond smile on my face.. :)

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