A Boat Ride in Banaras

an oar sweeps through the water

an old wooden boat

he sits there with the boatman

there is silence

the sun glares at them

where to? 

where from? 

there isn’t an answer

perhaps the question is the answer


amidst the Ganga they float

and on ghats of Banaras

the immortal rays of the sun

illuminate a city of 5000 years

there is nothing new here

and nothing old

the temple bells are faintly heard

reminders of a way of life

ancient, yet timeless


the boatman and his poverty

his daily struggle for food

his sweat, his toil

the passenger and his prosperity

his anxieties, his sorrows

the impossible choices of life

both move in the boat

amidst the sacred river


the water glistens 

the oars sweep through it

both find solace

far from the city

far from its strains

in the womb of mother Ganga

her quiet waters

flowing endlessly ahead

and endlessly behind

soften their sorrows

calm their angst

and sing a lullaby

to an eternal tune


~ by tdcatss on October 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “A Boat Ride in Banaras”

  1. So, so beautiful Kaif. This one is wistful and feels rather ancient and timeless itself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The theme is nice though it feels like you have not been able to capture or express all that you would have wanted to…

  3. thanks debbie! wistful.. that’s how i felt in the boat :)

    thanks abhilash. i am not very satisfied with it myself. i guess one improves by trying and practicing.

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