“Faith is an act of the total personality. It happens in the center of personal life and includes all its elements…It is not a movement of a special section or a special function of man’s total being. They all are united in the act of faith.” – Paul Tillich in Dynamics of Faith. 


Tomorrow, as I walk out of the house

The sparrow observing me from her branch

Lord, may my walk point to Your glory


As I sit down at work

May my work bring to light

Your wondrous creation

While I sit through the day

May the focus, the passion, the struggles

Serve as chisels

For the work of art

That this world is, for You


As I return to my loved ones

May my gentleness be a reflection

Of Your love

May my words of support

Be a particle

Of the hope, courage and joy that You are

And may my soft caresses

Reveal the tranquility that is only Yours


As I go to sleep

May I not forget my gratitude

And may Your light not leave my being

When all other lights withdraw for the night


A life with every moment

A moment of humility

A life with every act

An act of purpose

A life with every sorrow

A sorrow with meaning

…a life of faith

This only I pray to You for


~ by tdcatss on November 4, 2011.

6 Responses to “Faith”

  1. Good prayer. Loved the way you say: a life of faith… :-)

  2. thanks abhilash. i think this is a wish from childhood. it does sound like a child’s prayer, now that i read it in hindsight.

    but it’s more than just a wish from childhood. i agree with those who say that man (and woman) is not fully human until he has found a spiritual life. and that spirituality is not one aspect of one’s life, something one confines to the prayer time, but something that forms the basis of the entire being, of every activity, from the ‘trivial’ to the profound. my friend would consider this an unrealistic demand but i can’t really do away with it!

    are you on facebook?

  3. Really beautiful, Kaif, and don’t you dare do away with it, no matter what your friend says. :) It’s okay if you think it’s childlike, because that is the kind of faith we are suppose to have. Children trust and believe so easily. I’m going to pray your prayer poem. Thank you!

  4. thanks debbie! you’re right… children are more open while we get closed and entangled in things as we grow up. they do trust easily.

    are you on facebook?

    • I just barely am on facebook. Wanting mostly to support and encourage others . . .not sure what I’m doing. I’m too old for this. ha! :)

  5. Yes, am on Facebook, Kaif.

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