gazing at the stars

do you remember that night? 

when we lay together

on the terrace

and stared at the stars? 


with wonder and awe

we noticed a star 

singularly bright

or so it had been

six million years ago 

when light left its shore 

to strike our eyes that night


do you remember 

how you smiled?

amused and bewildered

when i said

“we live around a star

that is one of a billion stars

in a galaxy

that is one of a billion galaxies”

“how many stars does that make?”

you marvelled

knowing that i had no answer 


bathed in moonlight

we lay wide awake

our fingers intertwined

while the world slept

a world asleep

in a sea of heavenly bodies

floating on nothingness

with no beginning

and no end

a tranquil river of eternity

and we, mere bubbles on it

infinitely small


now here

soon gone..


the awe in our hearts

and the wonder in our eyes

betrayed a spark in our souls

that bespoke the same eternity

of the billion galaxies around us

~ by tdcatss on February 28, 2012.

7 Responses to “gazing at the stars”

  1. How deeply evocative! Fine poem, indeed!

  2. thanks michael!

  3. Wow Kaif . . .so good! Have you been on a writing spree? :) So blessed by this. Thanks!

  4. thank you debbie. i wrote 3 poems in the last week, so i guess that’s a bit of a spree. i don’t like the third one so i didn’t put it up.

  5. Beautiful

  6. thanks so much, pro mi la :)

  7. oh, it’s pre mi la now :)

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