neem shab



mehfil-e-hast-o-bood veeraan hai

paikar-e-ilteja hai khaamoshi

bazm-e-anjum fasurdah sama hai


abshaar-e-sukoot jaari hai

chaar-su-bekhudi si taari hai

zindagi juzva-e-khwaab hai goya

saari duniya saraab hai goya


so rahi hai ghane darakhton pe

chaandni ki thaki hui aavaaz

kehkashaan neem-va-nigaahon se 

suna rahi hai hadees-e-shauq-e-niyaaz


saaz-e-dil ke khaamosh taaron se

chhan raha hai khumaar-e-kaif ageen 

aarzu.. khwaab.. tera ruh-e-haseen… 


– Faiz Ahmed Faiz



the moon


the theatre of existence lies desolate 

silence becomes desire incarnate

and the stars gather in a wistful air


tranquility fills all there is 

self-forgetfulness lives in every corner

as if life is but a fragment of a dream

as if the whole universe is but a mirage


amidst the dense trees, sleeps

the weary voice of moonlight

and with half-shut eyes

the stars narrate

the tales of our prayers


from the silent strings of the heart

sieves forth a burning ecstasy 

longing.. dreams.. your beautiful visage



~ by tdcatss on March 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “midnight”

  1. Thank you for translating this for us who are language challenged. :) Kaif . . .it is wonderfully good! Wow! I’m so glad you are posting again.

  2. thanks debbie. when one translates, one creates a new poem, and in this case, one which is much less affecting than the original.

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