to her, the one with who I discovered

a passion for cinema

to him, who I remember

for the long conversations into the night

on life, on growth, on God

to her, with who I walked alone at midnight

in the silence of moonlight

and shared my hopes

for what life could be

to him, who offered countless ideas over coffee

on what art could mean to us

to her, who shouted at me

for my silly words and my sillier faces

and to her, who took care of me like nobody ever has

and showed me what it really means

to love


none of you may read this

but to you

i owe those memories

which, strung together

have made this life of 27 years

worth living

~ by tdcatss on March 20, 2012.

6 Responses to “gratitude”

  1. To him, who, I hope, will always walk beside me…

  2. So thankful for the memories and precious people in your life. Beautiful heart piece, Kaif. Thank you . . .

  3. thanks Debbie !

  4. Very well said, Kaif. Amazing. I can relate to this gratitude you write about.

  5. thank you abhilash. i’m glad you liked it. nice to hear from you after long.

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