the other guy

i chased a yellow bus

and finally stepped into it

in a crowd of women and children in yellow

the girls giggled

the driver stared at me, also in yellow

with yellow teeth and yellow eyes

and the children all ate yellow ice-creams

the beatles had a yellow submarine

and i have a yellow bus


my dreams are often yellow

or they are black and white

like an old chaplin film

but more black than white

sometimes with a yellow woman in them

making fun

of my black and white


what do they mean?

sometimes i know, sometimes i don’t

as if another guy lives in me

on the other side of sleep

desperate to communicate to me


the other day he scared me

as someone shot me dead

after long pursuit

another day a woman seduced me

catching me unaware


in this other guy’s messages, says jung

lies my salvation

so i write them down

and ponder over them

is that seductive woman my lust?

or my own feminine side?

or both…

a lusty female

perhaps that is who i really am


often we disagree

i want peace, he sends me angry men

i like nature, he throws me in crowded cities

he makes me play hannibal the cannibal

to a theatre full of shrinks


it’s been several years

and we’re still negotiating

scaring, scolding, cajoling

i sleep, he wakes up

he sleeps, i wake up

does he think i am as weird

as i think he is? 


~ by tdcatss on June 15, 2012.

8 Responses to “the other guy”

  1. Kaif,

    Awesome is not the word; I had long ago written a similar poem. It was on the lines of the lover inside me writing to the poet. Me being a silent witness. This poem of yours reminded me of that one.

    You have a gift, my dear. Not many are as gifted as you are.

    Loved the way you write and more recently, love the movies you are watching. And loving the way you watch them and write about them.


  2. thanks abhilash, that was really encouraging ! :D

    yes, world cinema is an old passion i’m trying to rekindle. hope the writing motivates you to watch some of those films.

  3. I have missed getting to read about some of the movies you’ve viewed and wrote about . . .but I think that is so important too. Now reading this great poem, I wonder if those films are feeding the other guy too. :) Thank you for always making me think!

  4. thanks debbie! i was just trying to write a quirky, weird poem :)

  5. what does one do with you? :-)

  6. arre….. apart from the pastry at big chill… you can do … ummm… ;)

    but what is that comment supposed to mean? elaborate.

  7. some things are to be done and not explained ! lets do them soon ! :D

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