to respond

every moment is meeting

every moment is speech

the pain in your back

the sound of the fan

the hopes from within

the woman from without


they all speak

a language of sensations

a language of feelings

of dreams and fears

of rage and passion

of inchoate sounds


life speaks

a mystery lies

in all its moments

a message from the beyond

and you are called

to respond


to respond in words

in deeds

in thoughts

and in relations


beyond the ‘if only…’

and the ‘one day…’

life exists in the moment

with all its meaning

all its suffering

it exhorts you to come alive

and to respond


every moment a challenge

every moment a birth

of a new creation

and a new response

from the self


sanctity, meaning, hope

arise from the depths

and die

to give life

to a new moment

and a new response


~ by tdcatss on June 30, 2012.

5 Responses to “to respond”

  1. Okay, so how can I not respond to “to respond”? :) Thank you for sharing and for showing us that every moment does count . a response.

  2. Thanks Debbie !

  3. it’s really nice.

  4. it’s really nice…

  5. thanks karan

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