step away


takiye pe tere sar ka woh tippa hai, pada hai

chaadar mein tere jism ki woh saundhi si khushbu

haathon mein mehekta hai tere chehre ka ehsaas 

maathe pe tere honto ki mohar lagi hai


tu itni qareeb hai ki tujhe dekhun to kaise

thodi si alag ho to tere chehre ko dekhun 




the contours of your head, on the pillow, still there

the moist scent of your body, flowing through the sheets

the texture of your face, fragrant in my hands

and on my forehead, an impress of your lips


so close, you are.. i cannot see you

step away, so i can see your face


gulzar 2

~ by tdcatss on May 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “step away”

  1. thank you for doing these translations! :) Really beautiful!

  2. thanks for reading and commenting, debbie :)

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