the warrior

the iron bow in his hands

the arrows in his quiver

he looks straight ahead

gaze fixed on his target

fierceness on his face

fire in his eyes

the warrior has arrived


the enemy cowers

the skies thunder

the clouds gather

the warrior has arrived


he shall destroy the old

smash the decay 

and construct anew

the will of his master

from the ashes of evil


an eruption of ferocity

a blaze of passion

these shall fight 

these shall annihilate

and manifest the vigour 

that truly belongs to the Lord


the quaking rocks 

the neighing horses

the wide open eyes

and the shivering spines

they all announce

the warrior has arrived



~ by tdcatss on May 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “the warrior”

  1. Excellent, Kaif!

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