neela aasmaan so gaya

this is one of the most tender hindi film songs one will hear. through an economy of words, javed akhtar conveys much more than the simple lines appear to say. in the manner of haiku poetry, simple, short lines take you beyond themselves to a meaning far more vast and ageless. it was also one of akhtar’s first film lyrics.

the song is beautifully sung by amitabh bachchan, whose deep baritone helps him express the truthfulness and sincerity that lies within these lies. the lack of ornamentation in the singing and the tune further help manifest the simple profundity of these words, at times reminiscent of a lullaby, but mostly of two lovers starkly solitary in a vast, empty expanse.

neela aasmaan so gaya..

os barse, raat bheege, honth tharraayein

dhadkanein kuch kehna chaahein

keh nahi paayein 

hawa ka geet maddham hai 

samay ki chaal bhi kam hai 

neela aasmaan so gaya.. 


meri baahon mein sharmaate, lajaate

aise tum aaye

ke jaise baadalon mein chaand

dheere dheere aa jaaye

ye tanhai, ye mai aur tum 

zameen bhi ho gayi gum-sum 

neela aasmaan so gaya.. 


– javed akhtar




javed akhtar















the deep blue sky sleeps 

the deep blue sky sleeps… 

mist falls

the night is soaked

and lips quiver

hearts wish to speak

but silence reigns

the wind hums softly

and time, too, slows down

the deep blue sky sleeps..


you come into my arms, shy and demure

as the moon merges with the clouds, slow but sure

this solitude, and me, and you

the ground beneath is intoxicated, too

the deep blue sky sleeps.. 


~ by tdcatss on June 18, 2013.

2 Responses to “neela aasmaan so gaya”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Kaif. Really beautiful!

  2. thanks, debbie

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