The caravan of summer

According to the Sufi metaphor, the caravan of summer experiences the sun shining intensely at it. The light of the sun illuminates everything around the caravan. The path to be taken is clear, so is the value of all objects to be seen on the way. The right objects are to be picked up, and the wrong ones discarded. Most of all, the sun’s light shines on the face of those one meets. It reveals the true qualities of each person, leaving us in a position to choose them as companions or not. One must add that the intense light of the sun also brings with it heat. The caravan of summer may not be far more comfortable than the caravan of winter, but it is certainly more guided.

The symbol of light lies at the heart of the set of symbols that make up the the caravan of summer. Across religions, light is a symbol of the divine. In the Islamic tradition, Muhammad received the Qur’an first in a cave in a mountain now known as the Jabal-al-Nour (“The Mountain of Light”). His life, and the life of his nation, was never the same again. In the darkness of the human heart, the divine enters as a light that brings alive all there is. With the passage of time, the light shines at varying intensities – sometimes dim, sometimes bright. What matters is not its intensity but our submission to the light, our giving ourselves over to it and all that it brings along with it in the form of emotion and thought.

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad states:

tamaso ma, jyotir gamayah 

from darkness, take me to light

It is the success of this supplication that is portrayed as the caravan of summer. For such a person, there are no blockages in psychic energy. Inspiration from the depths of being is readily available, always afresh, like spring water in a spring. There is a knowledge of what is to be done, even if that knowledge is painful. Along with the knowledge is the energy to carry out the task. However, one must make no mistake that the caravan of summer comes only after winter has passed, and will not last for ever, one day giving way to a new winter.

~ by tdcatss on June 20, 2013.

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