humne dekhi hai

emotions explode, but emotions also implode. the person who does not show a barrage of feelings on his face and in his words might feel as intensely, and as deeply, as those who do. for these people, a vibrant expression of their emotions lends them an inauthenticity. they begin to belong to the world out there, and not the depths of the inner world. they lose their roots in the sacredness that resides within us, even as they arouse sympathy from others.

the psychologist carl jung described such persons, rare as they are, with the term ‘introverted feelers’. and it is the experience of love for such a person that gulzar expresses so well in the song below. this is the best song about love i have heard.

humne dekhi hai

un aankhon ki mehekti khushbu

haath se chhu ke isse

rishton ka ilzaam na do

sirf ehsaas hai

rooh se mehsoos karo 

pyaar ko pyaar hi rehne do

koi naam na do


pyaar koi bol nahi

pyaar aavaaz nahi

ek khaamoshi hai

sunti hai, kaha karti hai

na ye bujhti hai

na rukti hai

na thehri hai kahin

noor ki boond hai sadiyon se baha karti hai

sirf ehsaas hai

rooh se mehsoos karo 

pyaar ko pyaar hi rehne do 

koi naam na do


muskuraahat se khili rehti hai

aankhon mein kahin

aur palkon pe

ujaale se jhuke rehte hain

honth kuchh kehte nahi

kaanpte honthon pe magar

kitne khaamosh se afsaane jhuke rehte hain

sirf ehsaas hai

rooh se mehsoos karo

pyaar ko pyaar hi rehne do

koi naam na do.. 


– gulzar

like many other poems by gulzar, not all of this can be understood intellectually. a phrase like ‘un aankhon ki mehekti khushbu‘ – ‘the perfumed scent of those eyes’ is to be understood intuitively rather than analytically. it cannot be explained. you either get it, or you don’t. when you do get it, you enter an area of your self where emotions exist which are outside the reach of analysis. the poetry opens up new areas of experiencing which ordinary life may leave us unaware of.

the song is beautifully shot by asit sen in the film khamoshi. the whole song consists of only two scenarios. the first, a woman sings in a radio recording station, happily voicing these beautiful words. the second, another woman travels in a taxi at night through the streets of bombay, as the radio plays this song. her eyes reveal that these words reflect what is happening in her own life. the camera stays with these two women in long shots, capturing the real experience of what it is to be them – so different, yet filled with the longing for love. one longs with hope, the other with sorrow. the eyes say it all.

~ by tdcatss on June 23, 2013.

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