deewaaron se mil kar rona

We all face daily sorrow – the sorrow of disappointments, failures, dissatisfactions. At times life turns in a way that sorrow is no longer a quiet trickle that leaves us a little uninspired in the day and saddens us as night falls, but a flood that overtakes our being. It’s not merely you, but the world that is sad. Tears flow unceasingly, day and night, whenever there isn’t anyone to look, as if coming from a long held reservoir of grief.

As this beautiful poem by Qaiser ul Jafri says, the incessant flow of sorrow from the unknown depths of one’s own being might, perhaps, make one mad. The figure of a man weeping against a wall tells us, however, that there will not be a witness to this madness.  He is alone in this house, but in the evenings, memories of a lifetime come together, making the desolate house a carnival – of dead hope, absent meanings and remembered pleasures.

So thirsty for hope is the poet, that even a little contact, however ephemeral, brings the promise of continuing life. A droplet of dew feels like the whole ocean. Or does it? Whether the dew drop will ever become anything more than itself or not, we do not know. And for all this harrowing reality, there isn’t anyone to blame. Who should I blame, asks the poet, when there remains nobody in my world, except fragmented reflections of myself – partial and broken..

Poignantly sung by Pankaj Udhas.





deewaaron se mil kar rona achha lagta hai

hum bhi paagal ho jaayenge, aisa lagta hai


duniya bhar ki yaadein humse milne aati hain

shaam dhale, is soone ghar mein mela lagta hai


kitne dino ke pyaase honge, yaaron socho to

shabnam ka qatra bhi jinko darya lagta hai

hum bhi paagal ho jaayenge, aisa lagta hai


kisko ‘qaiser’ patthar maaroon, kaun paraaya hai

sheesh mahal mein har ek chehra apna lagta hai


deewaaron se mil kar rona achha lagta hai

hum bhi paagal ho jaayenge, aisa lagta hai..


– qaiser ul jafri

~ by tdcatss on July 1, 2013.

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