ajeeb saaniha

This gem of a poem by Shahryar evokes the experience of trauma. A strange event occurs in one’s life, following which, one feels afraid of one’s own shadow. Every image of desire seems blurred; and those bleeding wounds which once made one feel alive, now feel dry and benumbed. The boat of one’s life seemed to be wandering at sea, searching for a purpose, hoping for a hope. Today, it has sunk irretrievably. The tumultous sea, troubling yet passionate, is now settled in a deathly silence.

Finally, Shahryar writes – Who was he? Where from? What was wrong with him? Nobody knew. But we know that today, a man died.


ajeeb saaniha mujh par guzar gaya yaaron 

mai apne saaye se kal raat dar gaya yaaron


har ek naqsh tamanna ka ho gaya dhundla

har ek zakhm dil ka bhar gaya yaaron


bhatak rahi thi jo kashti wo gharq-e-aab hui

chadha hua tha jo dariya utar gaya yaaron


wo kaun tha, kahaan ka tha, kya hua tha usse? 

suna hai aaj ek shakhs mar gaya yaaron.. 


– shahryar














Sung by Hariharan for the film Muzaffar Ali’s 1978 film Gaman:

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