Simplicity is a virtue that we often forget. In our modern world, where countless options seem to abound, the possibility of losing ourselves in going for the right option, in making the right decision, is ever present.

This is an attitude that weights the outer over the inner, in which getting to the right end becomes more important than being the right person. Should I study A, or study B? Should I take job X or Y? Should I marry L or M? There is much to choose from, each choice appearing life-altering. The magnitude of each choice brings alive the anxiety that, at the level of our individualism, we are all alone. We have to make our choices, and suffer or enjoy the consequences. Nobody will live our life for us. Nobody will suffer our wounds for us, or intoxicate himself in our joys.

Our solitude is terrifying, for it always carries the possibility that we may cease to exist one day. The more connected we are to people, to things, to ideas, the more secure we feel that these connections will hold us up in the face of the abyss of non-existence, from which we have risen for about 80 years, to fall back into it again. 

In such a world, a connection with the spiritual comes as a new lease of life. It infuses a spirit of meaning and equanimity. However, this is possible only if may maintain a simplicity in the face of the increasing complexity of our lives. Complexity, usually, means getting lost in the details, in honouring the material over the spiritual. The spiritual always presents itself simply, as a purpose, a direction, a feeling for something, an involvement – all stemming from the transcendent. To preserve the spiritual, we must preserve our simplicity.

~ by tdcatss on August 15, 2013.

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