Sanwaar loon…

hawa ke jhonke aaj mausamon se rooth gaye

gulon ki shokiyaan jo bhanwre aa ke loot gaye

badal rahi hai aaj zindagi ki chaal zara

isi bahaane kyun na mai bhi dil ka haal zara

sanwaar loon, sanwaar loon.. 


baraamde puraane hain nai si dhoop hai

jo palkein khatkhata raha hai wo kiska roop hai? 

sharaaratein karein wo aise 

khol de hijaab jaise

usko naam se mai pukaar loon 

sanwaar loon, sanwaar loon.. 


ye saari koyalein bani hain aaj daakiya

‘kuhu, kuhu’ mein chitthiyaan padhein mazaaqiya

inhe kaho ki na chhupaayein

kispe hai likha bataayein 

uski aaj mai nazar utaar loon 

sanwaar loon, sanwaar loon… 



For the last few days, in every happy turn of the day, in every delightful new moment, this song emerges in my mind. It tells of a sheer joy present in merely being alive, a joy that has nothing to do with getting what we desire, or losing what we long for the most. Under the deepest sorrow, when it is uncovered, lies the joy of the ever-passing, ever-changing flux of consciousness – it is life, as it manifests itself through you and me.

In old courtyards, a new sunshine falls. A mysterious one knocks on my walls, awakening me. Who is it that plays thus? Who is it that unveils me? Let me call him out by his name. Let me adorn my heart today, let me adorn my heart today…

All the koels turn postmen today. ‘Kuhu, kuhu’, they joyously read out letters for me. Tell them not to hide, tell them to say the author’s name. Let me meet him, once. Let me adorn my heart today, let me adorn my heart today….

At times gentle, at times ecstatic, the joy of being alive lives in all of us. When not overburdened by the weight of our sorrows, when not strung tense by our anxieties, when we don’t take ourselves so seriously, we know that in our hearts, deep inside, we are happy :)

Sung with a smile by Monali Thakur

~ by tdcatss on October 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Sanwaar loon…”

  1. very nice post, i also love this song… :)

  2. thanks :)

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