ae mere pyaare watan

Today, Manna Dey died at the ripe old age of 94. It was an occasion to remember his deeply serene and committed voice and the beautiful songs he has lent his voice to. This one is my favourite, as much for Manna Dey’s truly heartfelt singing as for Prem Dhawan’s touching lyrics.

ae mere pyaare watan, ae mere bichhde chaman

tujhpe dil qurbaan
tu hi meri aarzu, tu hi meri aabru
tu hi meri jaan

tere daaman se jo aayein, un hawaaon ko salaam
choom loon mai uss zubaan ko, jispe aaye tera naam
sabse pyaari subha teri, sabse rangeen teri shaam
tujhpe dil qurbaan

ma ka dil ban ke kabhi seene se lag jaata hai tu
aur kabhi nanhi si beti ban ke yaad aata hai tu
jitna yaad aata hai mujhko, utna tadpaata hai tu
tujhpe dil qurbaan

tu hi meri aarzu, tu hi meri aabru
tu hi meri jaan

– Prem Dhawan

at times, man steps down from the hurly-burly of life, and sits down to ponder over what really makes life worth living. he realises.. the embrace of my mother’s heart, the image of my little daughter – pure and full of delight, such are the memories that keep me alive even in exile. from that lovely dawn, and that colourful dusk – my country calls out to me.

the song is evocatively filmed by bimal roy. i miss these long shots, where a slow moving camera closes in on a particular person, and little, if any, action takes place. such direction makes the visuals match the serenity of the music. it’s probably impossible to find a recent, commercial film shot in such a way. we are restless, so are our artists. the shot is cut every five seconds. 


~ by tdcatss on October 24, 2013.

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