ye kya jageh hai ..

ye kis maqaam par hayaat
mujhko le kar aa gayi
na bas khushi pe hai jahaan
na gham pe ikhteyaar hai…

tamaam umr ka hisaab
maangti hai zindagi
ye mera dil kahe bhi to kya
ye khud se sharmsaar hai…

bula raha hai kaun mujhe
chilmano ke uss taraf
mere liye bhi kya koi
udaas, beqaraar hai..

ye kya jageh hai doston
ye kaunsa dayaar hai
had-e-nigaah tak jahaan
ghubaar hi ghubaar hai..


– Shahryar

a pleasure that never appears, a sorrow that is never one’s own. such is the station that life has landed one in. and life asks for an account of all my years. but what could my heart say? it is ashamed of itself. who is it that calls me from behind the veils? perhaps for me too, someone pangs, someone is sad. or perhaps not. where am i, my friends, whose city is this? as far as the sight reaches, there is only haze.

~ by tdcatss on November 15, 2013.

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  1. nice…

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