Shruti said, “To love someone is to have affection and care for them. To feel close to them. And in its purest form, love means to give whatever you can to them without expecting anything in return. But we are all human and are never perfect.”

Simple words, simple meanings.

~ by tdcatss on December 17, 2013.

2 Responses to “Love”

  1. We try very hard to love others when there is not enough love in our repository. We believe we are the source of love. No, we are not. We are channels of love. The source is Sri Radha. When we connect to Sri Radha, an unlimited amount of love flows from her, through us, to Krishna – and thus into the universe as well. Just like we need a powerhouse to supply us with electricity, we need to connect to the source of love, Sri Radha, so love could flow incessantly. There is no dearth of love when we acknowledge its source and become receptive as its channel.

  2. that i don’t understand, premila :-/

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