The ways of divinity

ki haq se farishton ne
iqbal ke ghammaazi
gustaakh hai
karta hai fitrat ki hinabandi

haq – the real, God; ghammaazi – backbiting; fitrat – creation; hinabandi – valorising

khaaki hai magar iske
andaaz hain aflaaki
rumi hai na shaami hai
kaashi na samarqandi

khaaki – made of dust; aflaaki – celestial

sikhlaai farishton ko
aadam ki tadap isne
aadam ko sikhaata hai

aadaab – one’s way of being; khudawandi – divinity

– Allama Iqbal, Bal-e-Jibreel (Gabriel’s Wing)

And the angels complained to God about Iqbal – insolent he is, valorises not You but creation. Made of mere dust, his manners are celestial. He isn’t a Turk, he isn’t Syrian, neither from Kashgar, nor from Samarkand. He lives beyond those petty boundaries. To the angels, he taught a thirst for Adam, and to Adam, the ways of divinity.




~ by tdcatss on December 22, 2013.

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  1. and you relate to him… as in probably you do the same?

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