An offer

tum apna ranj-o-gham
apni pareshaani
mujhe de do
tumhe gham ki qasam
is dil ki veerani mujhe de do

ye maana mai kisi qaabil nahi hoon
in nigaahon mein
bura kya hai agar
ye dukh, ye hairaani mujhe de do

mai dekhoon to sahi 
duniya tumhe sataati hai
koi din ke liye 
apni nigehbaani mujhe de do

wo dil jo maine maanga tha magar
ghairon ne paaya tha
badi shai hai agar
uski pashemaani mujhe de do..

tum apna ranj-o-gham
apni pareshaani
mujhe de do

– sahir ludhianvi

Browsing through Youtube, I discovered this beautiful old song. All I remember about it is my father singing it when I was perhaps 8 years old, a pain in his voice, a longing for something more profound, sincere, fulfilling.

Sometimes all you want is for someone to take away all your pain. Or at least to offer to do so. When you feel crushed by the world, that the world is against you, to offer to protect you for a few days. To offer to take unto herself the desolation in your heart, your alienation, your regret. To have such an offering is to know that your life matters, still.

The original, sung by Jagjit Kaur, is melodious in a beautifully old-fashioned manner. This version by Radhika Chopra is more heartfelt and sorrowful


~ by tdcatss on December 30, 2013.

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