the other


within me there is another
when i don’t deny him
he truly lives
and i only serve 

he is light
he is force
he is a fire

he is also fear
and an inescapable doom

i am the vessel
he the wine
intoxicated with life
the two of us proceed
in our madness

joy is to know him
love him
caress him

emptiness is to turn away
to pretend
that he isn’t
and live
only for the world

when we come together
in total acceptance
then we truly live

through me he sanctifies the world
through my hands he gives purpose
to what they touch
through my gaze he unravels
the mysteries of the ordinary
through my feet he traverses
the unexplored earth, yet again

in this alchemy
there comes to life
what never was before
what never shall be
every moment a creation
every moment a death

he is life
i the body
he the soul
i the container


seven odd decades
are what we have
to manifest
from the hidden treasure
what only we can
and no one else

and then disperse
he, to his abode
and i, to mine

~ by tdcatss on January 3, 2014.

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