the soaring falcon

sitaaron se aage jahaan aur bhi hain
abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain

tahi nahi zindagi se ye fizaayein 
yahaan saikdon kaarvaan aur bhi hain

tahi – devoid

qana’at na kar aalam-e-rang-o-bu par
chaman aur bhi, aashiyaan aur bhi hain

qana’at – contentment

agar kho gaya ek nasheman to kya gham
maqamaat-e-aah-o-faghaan aur bhi hain

nasheman – nest; maqamaat – stations; aah – sigh; faghaan – cries

tu shaaheen hai, parvaaz hai tera kaam
tere saamne aasmaan aur bhi hain

shaheen – falcon; parvaaz – flight

isi roz-o-shab mein ulajh kar na reh ja
ki tere zameen-o-makaan aur bhi hain

zamaan – time

gaye din ki tanha tha mai anjuman mein
yahaan ab mere raazdaan aur bhi hain

– iqbal

as often, iqbal employs a metaphor of space for a reality of depth:

you are the divine falcon, your calling is to soar. there are yet more skies that await your flight. there are yet more worlds beyond those stars, and there are yet more tests of your passion than those that have been.

these lines may inspire us to look to the future and search for newer pastures in our life. but they may also awaken in us the urge to feel more intensely, to know more deeply, and to live life with more life this very present moment.

the dominant school of theology in islam, that of the asharites, holds that every moment is created anew by god. there is no causality. every moment comes into existence at the command of god, and dissolves the next moment, making space for the new to arise. every moment is, hence, the will of god, and a gift from beyond the shores of the ocean of creation, to our world of things and feelings – if only we have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, and the heart to feel.

courage – a quality most dear to iqbal, is derived from the latin cor, which means ‘heart’. to live courageously, then, is to have an alive heart that is not lost in convention, in worries about what they all think, in fear of harm that may come to oneself. as iqbal says in another place –

na tu zameen ke liye hai na aasmaan ke liye
jahaan hai tere liye, tu nahi jahaan ke liye


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