once again

phir kisi shaakh ne phenki chhaaon
phir kisi shaakh ne haath milaaya

phir kisi mod se uljhe paaon
phir kis raah ne paas bulaaya

– gulzar



gulzar often uses the imagery of a traveller wandering through life. once again, a path calls out to him. once again,  his feet find themselves enmeshed at a turn. once again, a branch offers its shadow. and once again, a branch bends down to greet him. such is the life of the traveller, walking through the nooks and crannies of life, always choosing one path over another, sometimes with hope, sometimes with trepidation. phir – it happens again, and again, each moment a reminder of another that has passed, leaving behind both pain and joy.

some paths we walk past, but they never leave the heart. as the first thought when one awakes in the middle of the night, in a pitch dark room; or as a memory that floats into the middle of an excited conversation, those paths point to a time we have lived, a time that is etched in our hearts forever.


~ by tdcatss on January 12, 2014.

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