that memory of yours

raat yun dil mein teri khoi hui yaad aaye
jaise veeraane mein chupke se bahaar aa jaaye
jaise sehraaon mein haule se chale baad-e-naseem
jaise beemaar ko bevajah qaraar aa jaaye.. 

– faiz

like the long ailing, for no reason, heaves a sigh of relief. like in the burning desert, gently, joyously floats in a cool breeze. like the barren land, one misty morning, blossoms with the new spring. such is that memory of yours. your visage. it comes alive in my heart once in a while, one night. and then, the dead world speaks again, the meaningless days acquire meaning, the eyes fill up with life, and there is reason to live.


~ by tdcatss on January 13, 2014.

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