tanhai-e-shab mein hazeen kya

anjum nahi tere humnasheen kya

hazeen – lament; anjum – stars

ye raf’at-e-aasmaan-e-khaamosh
khwaabida zameen, jahaan-e-khaamosh

raf’at – exaltation; khwaabida – drowsed

ye chaand, ye dasht-o-dar, ye kohsaar
fitrat hai tamaam nastaran zaar

dasht-o-dar – wilderness and habitation; kohsaar – mountain; nastaran – blanket; zaar – abundant

moti khushrang, pyaare pyaare
yaani tere aansuon ke taare

khushrang – beautiful

kis shai ki tujhe havas hai ai dil
qudrat teri hamnafas hai ai dil

shai – object; hamnafas – companion

– iqbal

“There is no such thing as seeking God, for there is nothing in which he could not be found.” – Martin Buber, I and Thou 

As if leaning down from heaven to respond to the forlorn poet, Iqbal tells us that in everything you see, there is life, if only you have the eyes to see. Aren’t the stars your companions, he asks. The deep silence of the majestic skies, and its reflection in the silence of the earth at night – these give birth to longing, but the longing is an answer to itself. Only because the heart already has an awareness of the bliss of being with the other, does it long. Your tears of longing are pearls of beauty, Iqbal says, pearls that are born when the heart longs, from its depths, for the only one that matters.

It is silence that holds the secret of music, it is darkness that holds the secret of light, it is sorrow that holds the secret of joy, and anxiety that holds the secret of the invincible. What is it that you long for? Look around you and within you, oh heart, says Iqbal. And you will see that all creation is but a friend.

“We will show them Our signs on the horizons and within themselves, until it be manifest unto them, what is the Truth.” – Qur’an, 41:53

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