forgetting how to live

jeena bhoole thay kahaan yaad nahi..
tujhko paaya hai jahaan, saans phir aayi wahin

zindagi tere siva bhaaye na
jeeya laage na, jeeya laage na

tum agar jaao kabhi, jaao kahin
waqt se kehna, zara, wo theher jaaye wahin
wo ghadi wahin reh jaaye, na
tere bina jeeya laage na

– gulzar

when day after day passes by and the suffering doesn’t stop, i wonder if i have forgotten how to live. an art that we all know, that i once knew, but no more. once, in that misty beyond, which i can see from my darkness, through a glass darkly, life seemed fine. a past that seems far behind. that i search and search for, but never find. a past frozen in time, a memory-piece to be seen, to grow hope, to enable survival. to maintain the illusion that one day, i will be fine. and during all this, life passes by, with its shrill noises, it’s menacing vehicles, it’s alien spaces. i stand alone, tired, exhausted, but too afraid to not care.

~ by tdcatss on January 21, 2014.

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