impossible desires

padh likh ke,bada ho ke
tu ek kitaab likhna
apne savaalon ka tu
khud hi javaab likhna

haathon se jinka daaman
ek din hai chhoot jaana
taaron ke doobte hi
jinko hai toot jaana
ye aankhein dekhti hain
kyun aise khwaab, likhna
apne savaalon ka
tu khud hi javaab likhna

– anand bakshi

A beautiful lullaby from Mahesh Bhatt’s film Zakhm. A mother who has a lot to answer to her son. A lot to explain about why father does not come home, about why the world sniggers at them, about why she cries quietly at night when she feels nobody is looking. She cannot explain, but perhaps when he grows up, he can explain, to himself and to his old mother. And he does.

Sometimes we don’t know why the heart yearns for that which is unattainable. Why the eyes moisten at that which will never change. Why our dreams bring back those we wish to leave far behind in the dark alleys of our life. Why a deep sorrow still rises up in our chest when a certain person is mentioned. We don’t know.

And perhaps in not knowing why we long for the impossible, we may surrender ourselves to the flow of life within us. We may recognise ourselves for the short-lived waves we are in the ocean of life. There are just a few more decades to go before we crash on the shore, and make way for newer waves, as other waves made way for us. The ocean lives on, the ocean has all it needs, the waves don’t.

~ by tdcatss on February 3, 2014.

2 Responses to “impossible desires”

  1. you answered your question yourself…, behind these desires there seems to be an ocean moving the waves, the life force which is bigger than all of us waves…but yeah we can not comprehend the why of the presence of this ocean perhaps… but ocean doesn’t care it still moves the waves along!

  2. :)

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