to have a mother

to know the softness of her body
to know the healing in her touch
the sadness of her eyes
and the unsaid love on her lips

a beauty that grows with age
a trust that all shall be fine
a lullaby, that the world is a magical place
a solitude, perfumed by her scent

to always know
that whatever happens
i’m taken care of
someone watches me over
the vagaries of the world do not destroy me
for my mother is with me
my mother is with me

that’s what it means
to have a mother

~ by tdcatss on February 8, 2014.

2 Responses to “to have a mother”

  1. maybe not really… that’s what we want to have in a mother… but actually it is acknowledging her imperfection… and mourn the loss which is there because mother is not what i imagined her to be… and have that real mother with all her imperfections, fears, emptiness, along with obviously love, care, feeding that she gives…

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