a simple song


jis pe hum mar mite
usko pata bhi nahi
kya gila hum karein
wo bewafa bhi nahi
humne jo sun liya
usne kaha bhi nahi

ai dil, zara soch kar pyaar kar..

well, such is life. little tragedies enveloped by the greater joy of living. a sad stanza betrays a happy song. and there shines a quiet sorrow that the sorrow-giver is unaware of. a smile hides a thousand griefs. and life goes on.

simple words speak so much, and their very simplicity eludes one’s ability to point out what they mean precisely. in their plain manner, they evoke the depths that no elaborations can evoke, exactly because those elaborations are too distinct, too particular.

hai kaun, kya khabar
koi to hai magar
sapnon mein hai kahin
aata nahi nazar
mai yahaan, wo wahaan
aa rahi, phir yahaan
aavaaz kiski magar.. 
pyaar kar..

– anand bakshi


~ by tdcatss on February 20, 2014.

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