imprisoned in time

waqt ki qaid mein, zindagi hai magar
chand ghadiyaan yehi hain, jo aazaad hain
inko kho kar meri jaan
umr bhar na taraste raho
aaj jaane ki zid na karo..

fayyaz hashmi

One cannot tire of saying – the present moment is all there is. The rest, a fiction. The past, a misty beyond whose terrors and joys exist only to cloud the sacredness of the present truth. The future, a projection of hope and fear, trying all it can to take us away from how life reveals itself to us in the now. Imprisoned by time, this life is. Claim this moment, love with all your love. Only this moment is truly free. Feel it deeply, be touched by it. Do not turn away..

~ by tdcatss on February 27, 2014.

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