The monk

Sometimes, it does not take a writing heavily seeped with emotion to move you to tears. Simple words have that effect in a much more direct, sincere manner; not only because words have a power when uttered, but because you know that in the case of these particular words, the author means every single thing he speaks. Because he lives these words, they arise from the depths of his heart and touch the depths of yours.

“By making a vow of stability the monk renounces the vain hope of wandering off to find a ‘perfect monastery’. This implies a deep act of faith: the recognition that it does not much matter where we are or whom we live with, provided we can devote ourselves to prayer, enjoy a certain amount of silence, poverty, and solitude, work with our hands, read and study the things of God, and above all love one another as Christ has loved us.”

“A monk can always legitimately and significantly compare himself to a prophet, because monks are the heirs of the prophets. The prophet is a man whose whole life is a living witness of the providential action of God in the world.”

– Thomas Merton, The Sign of Jonas.


~ by tdcatss on February 28, 2014.

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