karoge yaad to

ye chaand beete zamaanon ka aaina hoga
bhatakte abr mein chehra koi bana hoga
udaas raah koi daastaan sunaaegi
karoge yaad to har baat yaad aayegi
guzarte waqt ki har mauj theher jaayegi.. 

barasta bheegta mausam dhuaan dhuaan hoga
pighalti shammon pe dil ka mere gumaan hoga
hatheliyon ki hina yaad kuchh dilaayegi… 
karoge yaad to har baat yaat aayegi

gali ke mod pe soona sa koi darvaaza
tarasti aankhon se rasta kisi ka dekhega
nigaah dur talak ja ke laut aayegi
karoge yaad to har baat yaad aayegi..

– bashar nawaz

This infinitely visual piece of poetry brings us to the dense, emotionally charged realm of memories. A desolate door at the corner of the street, waiting longingly for someone to arrive, and a gaze that looks afar, but returns home, having found no one.

Our memories nourish us, reminding us of who we could be, and how our lives could have taken form. When the moon is nothing but a mirror of days gone by, and the wandering cloud only a semblance of someone’s face. As the gaze turns to the earth, a sad path tells a long-drawn story.

And the rain falls and envelops you in its mist, a mist in which the melting candle paints a picture of me, and your decorated hands become reminiscences of a time when we were together. The poet beautifully portrays that when such a memory is stirred, life comes to halt, like an ocean whose tumultous waves suddenly stand still. It is the remembrance of a moment which once touched us so deeply that now, everywhere we turn, we see an evocation of who we were, of how life blessed us, and of how that moment still lives on in us, so close, yet so impossibly far.

Perhaps that is the function of memory. To remind us of a moment of union of which we are capable, and to lean us forward to attain such beauty once again. Always with a tinge of sadness, which veils a deep joy, seemingly unattainable yet alluring enough to keep the heart beating.


~ by tdcatss on March 1, 2014.

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