be by my side

tum mere paas raho

mere qaatil, mere dildaar
mere paas raho.. 

jis ghadi raat chale
jis ghadi raat chale
aasmaano ka lahu pi ke siyaah raat chale
marham-e-mushk liye, nishtar-e-almaas liye
bain karti hui, hansti hui, gaati nikle
dard ke kaasni paazeb bajaati nikle
jis ghadi seeno mein doobe hue dil
aasteeno mein nihaan haathon ki
raah takne lagein
aas liye

mushk – musk; nishtar – lance; almaas – diamond
bain – lament; kaasni – lilac coloured, blue; paazeb – anklets

aur bachchon ke bilakne ki tarah qulqul-e-mai
behr-e-naasood ke machle to manaaye na manay
jab koi baat banaaye na banay
jab na koi baat chale
jis ghadi raat chale..

bilakna – seizing; qulqul – gurgling
behr-e-naasood – tumultous waters

jis ghadi maatami, sunsaan, siyaah raat chale
tum mere paas raho
tum mere paas raho
mere qaatil, mere dildaar, mere paas raho..

– faiz ahmed faiz

is the most beautiful thing in the world desire? perhaps it is. it certainly feels so after listening to this gem by faiz ahmed faiz. small, repetitive, yet deeply alluring us into its depths, to me this poem expressed what it is to desire. be by my side, my lover. be by my side. when night falls, that desolate, mournful, black night. stay by me. when night falls, lamenting, laughing, singing.. moving across the firmament, sounding blue anklets of pain.. be by me, my lover. 

at that moment, when hearts sunk deep in our breasts, begin to long for arms to hold them, to give them hope. at that moment, my lover, be by my side..

when nothing seems right.. jab na koi baat bane .. my love, be by my side..

isn’t it the beauty of sorrow that it teaches us to desire? when we are not overwhelmed by it, sorrow tells us to long, to hope, to wish for that one who shall love us. in whose presence we shall be complete. and the dark night of the soul shall only be a passing night.

sung most beautifully by nayyara noor:

dilip kumar with faiz ahmed faiz

dilip kumar with faiz ahmed faiz


~ by tdcatss on March 14, 2014.

2 Responses to “be by my side”

  1. i like your description of it!

  2. haha.. you don’t like the poem but you like my description? :-/ i think it’s because the language i use is easier than the language faiz does.

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