a mystery


it’s night
a tune awakens me
sweet, mysterious, sad
i open my eyes
and look at the moonlight
falling in through the window
the fan quietly whirs
amplifying this infinite silence
and your tune plays on

i look around, but find no one
i step out
perhaps the wind blows
to where you are
i walk with the wind
while your tune plays on

the stars bear witness
as i search for you
through the lush fields
caressing the grass with my palms
my path illumined by the moon
i walk on

somewhere close, waves crash on the shore
signalling an eternal dance
of ebb and flow
and flow and ebb
the stars, the moon, the wind, the waves
ancient companions 
on your search

the tune never stops
yet, i know not where you are
who you are
seducing, romancing, alluring
you drawn me in

the night clouds float away
carrying unsaid sorrows
as your tune sweetens
this infinite silence
and i search on

~ by tdcatss on March 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “a mystery”

  1. beautiful…

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