More on Garam Hawa

jaayega kaun aa ke
pyaasa tumhaare ghar se
kuchh jaam se piyenge
kuchh mehrbaan nazar se
ye sang-e-dar tumhaara
todenge apne sar se
ye dil agar dobaara toota saleem chishti..

maula saleem chishti, aaqa saleem chishti
aabaad kar do dil ki dunya, saleem chishti


The characters that inhabit Garam Hawa move about with the anguish and the hope that these lines swell up with. The aging patriarch, responsible not only for providing materially for his family, but also for keeping their hearts together in difficult times. His elder son, who wanders the narrow streets of town, trying anxiously to keep the family business at its feet. The young, lonely, deserted daughter, whose lover has had to move to another country because of political forces. The mother who tries her best to keep the atmosphere at home free from the turmoil of the outer world, but finally loses her steadfast hope. The elderly grandmother, whose whole life has been lived in the house that the family will now have to give up, and who will breath her last soon after she has lost her house and the memories associated with it. 

All these lives, woven together ask haunting questions about the value of our lives, the meaning of sufferings that come to us and the relationship of the individual with the society. 


~ by tdcatss on August 14, 2014.

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