The search

ye faasle teri galiyon ke humse tay na hue
hazaar baar ruke hum, hazaar baar chale

na jaane kaunsi matti watan ki matti thi
nazar mein dhool, jigar mein liye ghubaar chale

ye kaisi sarhadein uljhi hui hain pairon mein
hum apne ghar ki taraf mud ke baar baar chale

– gulzar


This beautiful nazm by Gulzar never fails to remind one of a particular perspective on life. We are all on a spiritual journey, whether we know it or not. A voice calls out to us from our destination. The destination is our own heart, but also an outward expression of that heart in all its uniqueness. The path to this destination is not laid out for us. We have to search and search. And that is the only search that matters, for the only journey that matters. 

As we walk the twisting and turning paths of life, at times the destination feels further than it is possible to reach, shrouded in a cloud of dust. At times we see a glimpse of it, as if we stand face to face with it, but only for it to be enveloped in mist again. At times we stop and give up. At others we arise and walk again. 

Various poetic metaphors point us to this very journey – one’s beloved, one’s home, one’s country. Gulzar uses each of these images to tell the story of pilgrim on a journey. 

On another level, the poem speaks of the anguish of Partition, the angst created by the politics of identity, the oppression of borders, the yearning for togetherness that has now been broken. A beautiful song from a very, very beautiful film. 

~ by tdcatss on August 16, 2014.

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