To beauty

That there is ugliness in the world, nobody doubts. That there is a purpose to this ugliness, perhaps many of us do doubt. Could it be that the ugliness exists for a reason? The hatred, the noise, the fears both within and without – could they have been brought into existence to show us that another world is possible? The heart can be pure, the world can be beautiful.

Pakeezah (“The Pure”) is a film that celebrates beauty. The classics of Hindi cinema essentialise a particular quality. Kaagaz ke Phool is a visual poem about longing, Mughal-e-Azam embodies the majestic, Masoom brings alive human complexity. Pakeezah is a film about beauty.

The impossibly beautiful music and lyrics that consecrate all the delicacy of the Urdu language are the core of the film. Shot in moonlit palaces, with burning flames that keep the night alive, and performed with charming kathak dances, the songs punctuate a tale of sorrow, desire, dignity, femininity. These aspects of the human condition flow in a rhythm throughout the film, permeated with one purpose – to make a film as beautiful as can be.

jo kahi gayi na mujhse
wo zamaana keh raha hai
ke fasaana ban gayi hai
meri baat, chalte chalte..

shab-e-intezaar aakhir
kabhi hogi mukhtasar bhi
ye chiraagh bujh rahe hain
mere saath, jalte jalte

~ by tdcatss on August 29, 2014.

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