hans akela

ud jaayega, hans akela
jag darshan ka mela

jaise paat gire taruvar ke
milna bahut duhela

na jaanu kidhar girega
lageya pavan ka rela

jab hovay umar poori 
jab chhootegi hukum huzoori 

yam ke doot bade mazboot
yam se bada jhamela

das kabira har ke gun gaaye
vah har ko paaran paave

guru ki karni guru jaayega
chele ki karni chela

ud jaayega, hans akela.. 


– kabir


Pandit Kumar Gandharva’s voice soars into eternity. A distinct atmosphere of other-worldliness pervades this song, but so does, almost conversely, a great feeling of power. Playing with the accompanying sounds of the pakhawaj, Kumar Gandharva paints a portrait of the cosmic scales of existence. He makes obvious the terrible insignificance of the pains and pleasures of one man’s life in this world, in the face of the temporal and physical dimensions of the cosmos itself. A leaf on an autumnal tree, now here, now gone, never to be found again, blown away to unknown spaces by the wind – that is Kabir’s metaphor for the human condition which Kumar Gandharva brings to life.

All one’s ambitions, all one’s struggles, all one’s arrogance comes crashing down in the face of the overwhelming power of this song. A song, which, like lightning on a dark night, suddenly makes one aware of one’s insignificance and vulnerability in the face of nature. All that remains is a glimpse of the glory of the spirit, a solitary swan soaring across the heavens.. hans akela. Such majesty can belong only to that.

~ by tdcatss on October 9, 2014.

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