explosions of energy
violent, continuous, silent explosions

the deepest reaches the outest
reality turns inside out
and upside down
the world swirls
illuminated by a dark light

life runs through his veins
sparkles through his eyes
burns quietly in his heart

the immensity of existence
the fullness and joy
so much, yet nothing at all

~ by tdcatss on April 21, 2015.

2 Responses to “explosions”

  1. Boond samani hai samunder mein, janat hai sab koi
    Samunder samana boond mein, bujhe birla koi
    बूँद समानी है समुंदर में, जानत है सब कोई |
    समुंदर समाना बूँद में, बुझे बिरला कोई ||

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