ye hausla

hogi humein jo rehmat ata
dhoop kategi saaye talay
apni khuda se hai ye dua
manzil laga le humko galay

jurrat sau baar rahe
ooncha iqraar rahe
zinda har pyaar rahe

ye hausla kaise jhuke
ye aarzu kaise ruke
manzil mushkil to kya
dhundhla saahil to kya
tanha ye dil to kya..

– ali husain mir

It had been raining intermittently for a few days and there was much moisture in the air. The gentle light of the evening lent a different hue to the green of the grass and the leaves. The birds twittered furiously. It was going to be dark soon. The orange of the path, the brown trunks of the trees, the soft and moist green of the grass and the leaves – they all seemed to invite one in harmony to sit, to settle down and absorb the atmosphere, to take it in and become one with it. There were no great boundaries between the colours of nature, they all seemed to merge into each other without any conflict.

After a while, it began to get darker and darker every moment. Against the backdrop of the dark blue sky, one could not tell the colour of the last birds flying home. From somewhere far away, a man recited the azaan for sunset, the call to prayer. From further away in the sky, a star twinkled in solitude, watching him with attention. The different shades of green began to dissolve into a darkness that made them indistinct. The soft, cool, moist air touched his face and arms and went into his lungs.

It was a moment of presence, of communion with nature, of absolute stillness. The fervent twittering of the birds did not take away the silence of the moment. Soon it would be time to return, to walk through the mad roads, people encased in those metal boxes they call cars, people unaware of their reduction to mere machines, of the stripping away of their humanity and of the morbidity of their engines and horns. The mind was only meant to be a passage between the physical world and the beauty by which the other manifests itself. But on those streets it had become a canvass for its own petty struggles and tortures, without any awareness of the setting sun or the rising stars.

The darkness settled in and brought with it sorrow. It signalled the ancient truth – all must come to an end. In that sorrow was a knowledge of great beauty, and that is what gave this sorrow its immense depth. It was time to go home.

~ by tdcatss on June 25, 2015.

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