The rains

aaj ke naam

aur aaj ke gham ke naam
aaj ka gham jo hai
zindagi ke bhare gulsitaan se khafa
zard patton ka bann jo mera des hai
dard ki anjuman jo mera des hai

It was a sad world out there. On the road the previous day, he had seen a man wearing only a dirty pair of trousers, with nothing to cover his upper body. He had only one arm. He was begging for money.

Now, in the park, he sat under a canopy as it rained. Water dripped from the edges of the roof. The birds walked around and twittered in the wet grass. The surprisingly cold breeze blew and came through the spaces of his kurta, touching his chest. The quality of light was unlike anything one had seen for long. There was no yellow or orange of the sun. Just a dull grey colour that filled the skies and a soft, unobtrusive green of the leaves and the grass all around, given a hue of warmth by the mist on them. The green mingled with the shadows of the trees, thin and short, bringing both depth and solemnity to the place. Far away, the clouds thundered, majestic yet calm. The woman on the bench close by stared at him. Perhaps, being poor, she was fascinated by the book in his hand – a symbol of an affluent, easy life.

It was a sad world here too. But it was not the sadness of the squalor outside. It was a sadness that made the eyes moist, seeing how beautiful the world could be. How tender and gentle nature could inspire us to be.

There was a certain intimacy in the atmosphere. It was unimaginable that anyone would shout or speak harshly. The other was here, and how. It lay in the wish to caress the dog sitting some distance away. In the wish to walk in the rain, to feel the raindrops on one’s face and body and the breeze flowing through one’s clothes. He decided to do just that..

All poetry was here. All love was here.

katariyon aur galiyon, mohallon ke naam

jinki na-paak khaashaak se
chaand raaton ko aa aa ke karta hai aksar wazu
jinke saayon mein karti hai aah-o-buka
aanchalon ki hina
chudiyon ki khanak
kaakulon ki mehek
aarzumand seenon ki apne paseene mein jalne ki bu..

aaj ke naam
aur aaj ke gham ke naam

~ by tdcatss on July 10, 2015.

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