The sepia hues

champayi rang yaar aa jaaye
nikhat-e-khushgavaar aa jaaye

champayi – golden, sepia; nikhat-e-khushgavaar – a joyous fragrance

wo hansi dekh le jo aaina
aaine par ghubaar aa jaaye

ghubaar – fog, dust

khaali sheeshe ko kya karun saaqi
jaam bhi baar baar aa jaaye

unki aankhon ko dekh kar, akhtar
nasha be-ikhtiyaar aa jaaye

akhtar – star, the poet’s pen-name; be-ikhtiyaar – uncontrolled

– wajid ali shah

wajid ali shah

The words had been used with immense care. Recognising the sacredness and uniqueness of human speech, the poet poured into every word realms of significance. The lines were delicately woven webs of meaning and allusion. So little was said, yet so much. Softly flowing in the sepia shades of sunset were intimacy, quiet passion and a silent but unfettered mysticism, all mingling together in this most simple yet intensely expressive poem. Where a mirror is that which reflects one’s image, but also that which brings one face to face with the reality of one’s soul. The empty wine glass is itself but also the human heart, which, having emptied itself through suffering, waits receptively for grace. And intoxication is an experience of another world that leaves one without a care for this one. Only a faqir could have written it, or set it to music.

~ by tdcatss on July 24, 2015.

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