The sky on fire

It had been a harsh day. The sun shone intensely all day long. Sweat poured out of one’s skin at the slightest of activity.But now, it was evening. The sun had gone behind the clouds and then dipped into the horizon, leaving behind its residual light, making the sky a continuum of shades of grey.

But on its edges, the sky was red. The deep red at the far ends of the visible sky faded into a softer hue, which further faded into the grey of the rest of the sky. The edges were on fire, as if the gods had taken a flame and set it upon the firmament. It was a flare whose intensity was unparalleled. It reached out to eternity, connecting our world with the other. If there was a testament to the beauty, to the total otherness of the sacred, this was it. Like a soaring eagle it touched the dirt and noise of this world, but went forth, beyond it, to the highest.

He stood up from the grass and wondered if our lives were meant to be like the red in the sky. If they were meant to bring passion, colour, energy into wherever our paths took us. To set fire to the world, to burn away the dross, and to uplift all relationships, with people and things, as an offering to the sacred.

~ by tdcatss on July 28, 2015.

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