The solitary life

There is only one life worth living – that is the solitary life. The only life that fulfills the purpose of human beings having appeared on this earth 150,000 years ago is the solitary life.

A solitary life may or may not have something to do with physical isolation. But it has everything to do with a total independence from the things around oneself – from persons, from events, from ideas, even from the need for survival.

It is a life where the outer does not define the inner.It is where the inner gloriously stands apart from the impact of the flux of pain, pleasure, joy, fear that constitute daily existence. It stands apart, but impacts all of it, without being touched by it. From the inner flows the fullness that reaches the outer and transforms it.

It is the solitude of total freedom, independence, and a radical rebellion from the pressures that people, society and things put on us. Letting go of all our addictions to companionship, to being respectable, to being secure, and then, to stand alone – that is the solitary life.

It is like the majestic but solitary mountain peak which throws its shadow on all the trees, grass, and rocks around it, lending them different shades of colour and temperature, but remains unaffected, independent, supremely free. It is only such a life that lends dignity to our being.

~ by tdcatss on July 30, 2015.

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