Behind the blue and gray clouds, far away, a fire burnt. Our Earth had moved away from that fire, so that it was no more scorching and bright. But its flames were present in the red-purple hues that filled all the empty spaces in the sky. Sometimes intense, at other times mysteriously faint, the hues of twilight spoke of another world.

A world that shone with fury, fury that became gentle as it reached us, but still possessed the magic of the other. Truly, something intense and extraordinary lay beyond the skies, of which this twilight was a messenger.

As he wrote this, the red-purple faded away, the atmosphere became softer, darker,and the last birds could be seen taking their final fights of the day, back to home. The grey and blue clouds were alone in the sky now. Down on earth, the shadows of the dense trees merged with the freshly washed green of the grass. Everything was soft, inviting, like a mother’s embrace. Everything was preparing to go to sleep.

In a tree nearby, a crow called out to someone. A dog scampered close, to see if any food or affection was available. On getting no response, he walked away in a matter of fact manner, with no disappointment on his face. Far away, a group of rowdy boys spoke loudly. None of this could disturb the atmosphere. Everything was darkening, everything was softening, everything was being absorbed into the nothingness of night. The Hindi language had a beautiful word for it – godhuli – the time when the cows come home, raising up the dust of the earth as they walk back.

A few minutes’ walk away was the most prosperous market in the city. As the park went to sleep, the market was waking up. Long cars, high society ladies, corporate men. They filled up the pubs and restaurants there. They would drink, eat, laugh and return to their homes a few hours later.

Two worlds, two lives, two meanings.

~ by tdcatss on August 17, 2015.

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