“We do not have to seek truth. Truth is not something far away. Truth is the truth about the mind, truth about its activities from moment to moment. If we are aware of this moment-to-moment truth .. that awareness releases the energy which is intelligence, love.”

– J. Krishnamurti, The First and Last Freedom, p. 113.

All his life he had heard people debate the truth through ideas. These debates were absurd. “How do you know there is a God?” “What happens when we die?” “Do we have free will?” Others, not interested in the ideas, were pursuing feelings. “I want the experience of feeling loved, I don’t want to feel lonely. So I will chase love from one corner of the earth to another.”

Humanity had turned itself upside-down, forgotten how to live. But here, was a different vision of life. The truth is not an idea. It is also not a feeling. The truth is always there, if only we do not deny it. It is not to be reasoned or felt. A total awareness of the present moment – with all its ideas and all its feelings – opens up the mind to new layers of existence, to truth. The problem is, we are always putting away the present moment in pursuit of our ideas and feelings. Our petty games put a screen between us and truth.

In that insight was depth, silence, satisfaction. There was no purpose, there was no goal to go after. Being itself was purposive. One just lived. One breathed, one sat, one felt hunger, one felt joy. Life was as simple as that. Simple yet infinitely rich. From this state, feelings flowed, and ideas flowed. But they were not the feelings and ideas that entangled one in the mess of daily life. They had beauty in them. Yet, they were only shadows of truth. Truth itself was not feelings, not ideas. It just was.

Krishnamurti was only living, illustrating, illuminating something spoken 3000 years ago.

that which makes the tongue speak
but cannot be spoken by the tongue
know that as the Self
this Self is not another, but you

that which makes the mind think
but cannot be thought by the mind
that is the Self
this Self is not another, but you

that which makes the eye see
but cannot be seen by the eye
that is the Self indeed
this Self is not another, but you

that which makes the ear hear
but cannot be heard by the ear
that is the Self indeed
this Self is not another, but you

to whom it is not known
to him it is known
to whom it is known
to him it is not known
it is not understood by those who understand it
it is understood by those who do not understand it

– kena upanishad

~ by tdcatss on August 19, 2015.

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