The Song of Sparrows

Karim lives in a village in the Iranian countryside. He works on an ostrich farm, in the midst of beautiful nature. The gently rolling hills allow sunlight to be reflected in various shades – the deep, dark shadows of the hills, the glistening green of the grass, the sparkling yellow of the dry leaves, the orange of the sunset and the light blue of dawn. This is how Karim’s ancestors have lived for centuries, with traditions going back before even time can remember.

When Karim loses his job, he goes to the closest city to earn a living. He becomes a motorcycle taxi driver, taking things and people all over the city. The mother-like presence of nature in his life is replaced by the noise of horns, the smoke in the air and most of all, the fights, the aggression and the harshness of city dwellers. Soon, Karim becomes like them.

Majid Majidi’s ‘The Song of Sparrows’ is a thoughtful, simple and evocative contemplation on nature and our relationship to it, on traditional rural life and modern life in the city. It compares the song of sparrows with the noise of a motorbike engine, and by doing so, tells us something about ourselves, about what is missing in our lives.

Made with a lot of love, it speaks of love, and reminds us of its place in our lives, a place that cannot exist if our lives are dictated by deadlines and technology.

~ by tdcatss on August 29, 2015.

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